DemonAlesa is the EvilYoutuber version of Alesa. Her past and backstory is UNKNOWN to everyone but I'm the only one that does.

BackStory: Knowing her husband SkythekidRS is Skybrine, Alesa found a tome in OCTOBER in Herobrine's Mansion and it changed her into a demon version of herself. Every month after that she started to go mentally insane. But sometimes she can be regular Alesa, hiding her demon side from everyone else. Soon Sky found out, he didn't care if Alesa was part demon now.

That's it..

DemonAlesa: Quaint.. very quaint..

Me: ...

DemonAlesa: b+ child..

Me: Whew..

DemonAlesa: Shouldn't you go find your father *Ahem* Enderlox?

Me: Right!! *Runs off*


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