Deadlox and Enderlox

Enderlox.. or my "father" as you might say. Powerful, evil, and dangerous.


Deadlox was just a young boy with a terrible hybrid side. He was part EnderDragon, his real name was Enderlox. One day, he hid his wings and he decided to try to make some friends.

Deadlox indeed make friends with Sky, SSundee, Mitch, Jerome, Husky, Seto, and Bodil. But one day, Deadlox accidentally attacked Sky and showed his black and purple wings, violet eyes, and his headset turned purple and black instead of black w/ neon green. Sky was terrified. Enderlox was back.

From then on, he has been killing people and destroying villages with Skybrine, WitherMU, Setoblaze, and Bodil666.

Enderlox: Hmm....

Me: .........

Enderlox: It's decent..

Me: *lets out a sigh of relief* and this is who Enderlox is.. (Enderlox aka my FATHER)


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