Skybrine as we all know is dangerous, but there are some facts about him we don't know. Skybrine was actually an evil version of SkyDoesMinecraft.. or so you think.. there are some rumors that Skybrine IS Sky, due to the fact Sky's skin has SUNGLASSES covering his eyes. But we aren't so sure yet.. since Skybrine has been defeated sometimes against Enderlox, his enemy, he always comes back.. but no one knows why. I will find out more on his origins and more about what he does. Stay alert when you see two glowing budder eyes in the darkness.. you never know what might be lurking...

Abilities: Can fly, teleport, shoot fireballs, immortal. has an OP sword what is enchanted with tons of enchants, has the ability to summon minions

Enemies: Enderlox, humans, WItherMU, Bodil666, Setoblaze


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