Darkiplier is the evil personality of YouTuber Mark Edward Fischback, a.k.a Markiplier.

Appearance Edit

In his most recent appearances, Dark is always nicely dressed in a suit and tie. Other than that, he looks exactly like Mark does at the time, but surrounded by a blue and red aura.

Origin Edit

The concept of Darkiplier was created by fans, but Mark has acknowledged it and makes videos featuring him from time to time. In October of 2017, Mark released a series of videos called "Who Killed Markiplier?" revealing Darkiplier's canon backstory.

Personality Edit

Darkiplier is sly, cunning, and manipulative. He uses other people to get what he wants. He is made up of the worst parts of two people, Damien and Celine, who were wronged by Mark in the past, and they want to get revenge on him. In "Markiplier TV", Darkiplier was seen working together with Mark's other "egos" trying to take over his channel. It seemed like he was manipulating Wilford Warfstache, (who used to go by William and was Damien and Celine's friend in the past) calling him "Will" and saying that he's "always respected" him.

Trivia Edit

  • Darkiplier has a tick where he cracks his neck joints by tilting his head to the side.