Wat I think: Enderlox was once the bro of DeadloxMC before something happened.

All about: Enderlox.

When Enderlox was a 13 year old, he and his brother, DeadloxMC, went exploring in a cave, and went in UNPREPARED. The soon found themselves surrounded by creepers, endermen, and other hostile mobs. Enderlox was a skilled fighter, much better then Deadlox, who was three years younger then Enderlox. The two brothers soon got into a HUGE argument at who is a better fighter. They where SO preoccupied(that means busy) in arguing with each other, that they didn't notice 2 endermen sneaking up on them. Before the two knew what was happening, they were knocked out by the two endermen. The two endermen dragged them into the End, and forced Enderlox into a cage, but tied Deadlox up above some lava. The two regained conscious, but were affected with "blindness" (disables seeing far away for some time) and had no IDEA what was going on. The two endermen noticed after 2 minuets, and snuck off to find the "ender Dragon" Then after ANOTHER LONG 2 minuets, they found him and told him "he" (GUESS) was ready. The ender dragon said to Enderlox to JOIN THEM, or watch Deadlox die a fiery death. Enderlox didn't want to JOIN the EnderDragon(or the End.) but he didn't want to watch Deadlox DIE either. SO he did what he could to save Deadlox: he took sides with the End. Deadlox was (once again) knocked out COLD. Enderlox soon learned that the End itself were betrayed by the overworld people (Minecraft players) and that all they wanted was REVENGE. After his first night in the End, Enderlox changed and became evil (it was so horrible, I was SWORN TO SECRECY NOT TO SAY WHAT HAPPEND!) He soon became OBSESSED with killing Deadlox.

Abilities- Enderlox can Fly, shoot purple fire with his hands, and summon obsidian swords, or obsidian armor. But is damaged by water, and can't STAND Deadlox and his friends (including Basher.)

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