GhastVenom is the evil half Ghast version of AntVenom.


GhastVenom is probably one of the most powerful evil youtuber ever since he can shoot fireballs from his mouth and inflict nausea and poison.

The StoryEdit

One day AntVenom was in the Nether trying to find Blaze to make Eyes of Ender. AntVenom couldn't find any Blaze spawners, so he decided to return home but quicky discovered that he lost his portal. As he tried to find his portal, he saw something that he couldn't believe,right there beside his portal is Enderlox. He has heard stories of him and also the recent death of TrueMU was said to be caused by a dragon like creature. Right now, Ant had many questions in his head: How did he get here? How did he find him? What did he want? But there was no time to answer those questions. Enderlox was attacking. Ant quickly took out his sword, which is already broken but it was better than nothing. Even though Enderlox is very agile, so is Ant. As the battle continued, Ant noticed the last thing he needed : A Ghast. And just as Ant thought, the Ghast threw a fireball, impacting both Ant and Enderlox. Enderlox now has a broken wing and Ant is very low in health, but he knew what he had to do: Kill the Ghast. While Enderlox was injured, Ant needed to kill the Ghast or else when Enderlox gets up the battle will be harder. Using his Bow he was able to kill the Ghast and get a Ghast Tear. But Ant didn't notice Enderlox, who was right behind him and without notice, Enderlox knocks him over the cliff. Enderlox thought he was dead so he teleported to the End where he lives. But Ant wasn't dead.

He landed on top of another Ghast. The Ghast didn't realize this until something weird started to happen. Ant seemed to be being possessed by the Ghast. A huge blast was the last thing that happened in the transformation of GhastVenom. Right now, GhastVenom was exhausted and just went unconscious. When he woke he wasn't in the nether, he was at the End. In front of him where Skybrine, WitherMU and RobotDucan. GhastVenom turned behind to see Enderlox. Enderlox explained what happened to him. Then he introduced his new friends: Skybrine, WitherMU, RobotDucan, DragonSparklez and Himself, Enderlox.Eventually GhastVenom learned how to use his abilities, such as shooting fireballs and actually turn into a Ghast. Even thought he enjoyed to be with his new friends, he wanted to return to his normal world and so he did. But he stays mostly in hiding, to not bring attention to himself until he learned how to turn into his old self: Antvenom. Now he can just walk around and no one will notice that he is GhastVenom.