Grian's Monster Form... I don't have any youtubers in my mind right now... Edit


One day, Grian was thinking of making a build comp. video. The theme was an enderman. Grian started on the legs right away. When he started making the body though, he thought that he had seen a person flying around his plot.

"That's weird.... I'm not playing on teams..." Grian said.

When he went to investigate, he was knocked out by Enderlox, and dragged into the end. He was hung on a wall, where Enderlox originally wanted to train IHasCreeper at. MunchingBrine, however suggested turning Grian into a guardian. Enderlox liked the idea, and told Seto to transform Grian into a guardian. After Grian transformed into a guardian, he wasn't evil yet. He wouldn't hurt anyone, but Enderlox forced him to kill one player. Grian became addicted, and thus, he was given the name, "Griadian"


Anything I need to fix? This was my first wiki page so...

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