Soon Enderlox grew tiresum of othe evil youtubers and he found ldshadow lady since there were no more agrsive mobs he brought ldshadowla lady back to become LdEnderlady so he told Seto to turn her into an other ender creturee but Seto couldn't because she was pure with good energy so he told THE MOST POWERFULL evil youtuber well not evil IhasCupquake she SIAD if LDshadowlady wanted to and she siad Yes with a gasp she did but made her buetyfull Ender ever and of course still mad at Enderlox made LdEnderlady more powerfull her wings were made like golden stars SkyBrine SIAD huba hubaa from then on Enderlady and Enderlox were Ender girl And Ender boy�💗💖💖💖💖💖

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