Mrwoofless is one of the few evil youtubers who was already evil.

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LIttle does anyone know that on a fullmoon mrwoofless turns into mrwerewolfes and terrorizes other youtubers.

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One fullmoon Enderlox was flying in the overworld when he saw mrwoolfess transform into werer wolf. He came up beehind mrwoolfess and attacked. Enderlox took mrwoolfess to the end. When mrwoolfess woke up he was surrounded by Enderlox, Skybrine and Withermu. He had heard about the evil youtubers but never seen them before. "Join us mrwoolfess" said enderlox. Mrwoolfess decided to join them. Just to make sure, enderlox had  setosorcerer cast  spells on mrwerewolfes to make him loyal and make always a werewolf.

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