Natemare O.o

"Wear a mask to hide yourself when really it makes us the same."

Natemare is the evil alter ego of NateWantsToBattle. He is similar to Darkiplier and Antisepticeye. Most of his appearances are in fanfictions, but he is also seen in fanart and Nate's videos. Nate never mentions Natemare. But he was in some of his Halloween videos for example 'Mangled'.

Appearance Edit

Natemare usually looks like Nate except for his evil smile. Like Nate, he has short black hair and brown eyes. He often wears dark clothes. In his most popular appearance, "Mangled", Natemare had black makeup around his eyes as well as bluish makeup streaked down his face from his eyes to his chin. This made him look similar to the Puppet from Five Nights at Freddy's.

Personality Edit

Natemare likes to play with his victims. He messes with their emotions and uses them for Nate's videos.

He loves chaos. He'll change a slow song into rock or something similar. Many things he says, does, or sings shows his crazy personality and will often relate to death.

Natemare's insane and evil, and he loves to smile maliciously. He's intelligent although he usually acts on impulse.

In most recent videos, Natemare hasn't been messing with Nate's videos. Could he be planning something big next Halloween? 

Videos Edit

help Edit

"help" was a video that was released shortly before the music video for "Mangled." In the 47 second long video, MatPat explains the situation he's in and begs for help. Then Natemare enters the room and ties Matt to a chair. At the end is a quick scene of Natemare standing near a light bulb hanging from the ceiling, smiling and wearing his makeup. This is obviously Natemare considering he kidnapped Matt.

The video is supposed to seem like an actual call for help from Matt. Either that or it really is one. But if it were real, why would Nate/Natemare upload it? For reasons dealing with "Mangled"?

NateWantsToBattle: Mangled [FNaF OFFICIAL VIDEO] FNaF Song Edit

This was the official music video for Nate's FNaF song "Mangled". It was released shortly after "help" and was about Natemare kidnapping MatPat. Matt was tied to a chair, blindfolded and gagged, while Natemare sang "Mangled" around him. As with "help", it's obvious that this isn't normal Nate because of the abduction and the makeup.

NateWantsToBattle: This Is the End [FNaF ANIMATED LYRIC VIDEO] FNaF Song Edit

In this FNaF song, Nate seems to switch between being his normal self and being NateMare. This could just have to do with it being a FNaF song though, a song told from the points of view of the animatronics and the crying child from the fourth game.

Justin Bieber - Love Yourself Edit

This was a cover of a song by Justin Bieber. For most of the video, it was just a normal cover. Then all of a sudden it randomly turned into a rock cover. Then at the end it goes back to normal.

A theory was made about this in which Nate was just singing the song and then Natemare took control and made it crazier than Nate had intended. Then Nate either realized Natemare was in control and stopped him or Nate finally regained control like he may have been trying to do. That's when it went back to normal.

Phantom Edit

As of 2018, Nate's latest song: "Phantom" depicts him being the devil. A magician finds a book called the "Book of Phantom", allowing him to further his magic tricks. He signs a contract with Nate, helping the magician during a show. Then later on, Nate traps him within an orb on his cane.