==Skybrine origin==
Little Sky was born with Herobrine as his father. Sky was actually the third kid that had Herobrine as his father. But when Sky turned 10, his mother went missing and Herobrine didn't want to have to take care of him. So Herobrine left Sky in the house they lived in, never had kids again and just returned to normal Herobrine. But poor little Sky didn't know what to do. He decided that he would see if anything was left in any chest. He only had a wood pickaxe and a stick of budder.
Sky eventually learned how to survive on his own, but people would be afraid of him because he had glowing budder eyes, so he started wearing sunglasses for him to look normal.
When Sky was about 20 years old he met Jason (TrueMU) (Minecraft Universe) and Tyler (Deadlox). Sky was glad that he had friends but he didn't want to tell them his real name so he made a name up: Sky Does Minecraft.
Sky and his new friends would go in many adventure and Sky would learn that he loved budder as he calls it, and that he would hate squids
But Sky couldn't hide his true self for long...
==Skybrine, Enderlox and WitherMU==
Sky was saving Deadlox for the second time when he was kidnapped by squids again, but TrueMU couldn't help at the time. Sky was trapped behind bedrock bars and Deadlox kept yelling Sky for help but Sky kept saying that he was trapped behind bars, but Deadlox couldn't see this because the bars to him were invisible. But Sky saw something happening to Deadlox. Deadlox was like transforming into some sort of monster. Just a week later after that incident, TrueMU was found dead and later many others started dying.
One day, as Sky walked he encountered something that seemed to be half enderdragon half Deadlox (Enderlox). Enderlox launched at him in a attempted to kill him. Sky quickly pulled out his sword a tried to fight back. But then Enderlox did a direct hit to Sky. But Sky wasn't dead. Enderlox attacked again and so did Sky. As they both fought, the sunglasses of Sky fell off revealing that he was Skybrine. Even though Deadlox never knew he was Skybrine, Enderlox now did. Enderlox stopped fighting and instead wanted to team with him. Sky accepted and went to the End with him.
Together, Enderlox and Skybrine worked together in a team. Later WitherMU joined the Team. But Sky wanted to be the main leader so one day as Enderlox teleported, Sky stabbed Enderlox, but he teleported away . When he later came back he was really mad at Sky for hurting him.
Sky still is trying to be the main leader but without hurting his new friends as much as possible. But nobody messes with his amulet. It said that it gives more power to anyone who wears it.
Even thought Sky seems pretty normal in YouTube and all, no one knows what's behind the glasses.



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