The story of Slime Hanna

Well while robot duncan was insane Hanna was mineing and she was lost. Robot duncan found her and he heard rumors about a ultra slime and he wanted to see if it was true. He used Hanna as a experament to find the ultra slime. He kept his distance from hanna. But Hanna kept looking behind Her because she felt followed.she kept looking for an exit . Then a few slimes apered and each was bigger then the next. Soon hanna found the ultra slime it jumped and Hanna fell along with robot Duncan the ultra slime jumped on top of Hanna and killed her robot Duncan saw her in slime. He killed the ultra slime. He put some chemical on the slime hanna was in. A few minutes passed then the slime turned Orange and hannas's corps desolved. robot duncan put the orange slime in the lab and study's it until he fell a sleep when he wook up the slime was gone he turned around and found a orange slime Hanna in a lab coat workimg slime Hanna said good job on killing the yogscast. He saw that she was a little sluggish and she had eyes and a mouth only and her heart stumach and evrrything wasntt there.

Apperenc: slime like short hair in the head area she slizers she cantt jump and wairs a lab coat

abillitys she can strechh her arms out really long

she keeps her slime in check and keeps picking it up in fear of melting