Unicorn Zombie is the evil version of thezombieuncorn

it all started when the zombie unicorn started hearing stories of evil youtuberer she started researching about them and was inpresed on some of them looked like with wings and speacial powers. She made a plan on how to turn into a evil youtuber. She went to a grave withth redb15/Mario since he knew alot about evil youtubers. Red asked why were they at a grave. she said that in that gave WitherMU got created by a with girl and don't mess with this. she said to res. then they saw enderloxs zombie unicorn whent towards enderlox. She begged to be an evil youtuber. Enderlox laghed at her. Enderlox stabed her and took her to the end. Where the turned her to a zombie unicorn. Her appearance was hideuse. She couldent talk. Enderlox did this to tourcher her. She was basically a unicorn zombie except SSzombie called her unicorn zombie. She new that SSzombie would be her only frend. But she dissped at her look and was upset. Because she whantr to look cool.

apperance unicorn zombie

abillitys none